Start The Year Off Right…With Fun, Enriching & Engaging After School Classes On Zoom!

After a long year, 2021 has finally arrived! And, along with it, PAW’s Online Winter After School Term is here! While the school day may be filled with vital, intense core content, PAW (and other reputable after school enrichment providers) is happy to help provide online opportunities in the arts and humanities, which are so crucial to a child having a well-rounded education.

“Zoom is the great equalizer because you now have so many choices and that is a wonderful opportunity for children” says Cheryl Appleman, president of Performing Arts Workshops. “For example, some class choices might not be available in your school or your community, but now you have a nation’s-worth of classes to select from. We’re based out of Los Angeles, so we have some of the most finely trained artists and teachers on our faculty. They’re passionate about the subjects they teach, and now they can extend their reach and share their knowledge with students across the country. Do you live in a small town with no dance program at school?  Come join us online. Or perhaps you want to try debate, but it’s not available where you live? No problem. Come join us online. We have classes in a wide variety of subjects, for different ages and skill levels including; Acting Technique & Theater Games, Hip Hop, Singing & Vocal Training, Karate, Guitar & Ukulele, Debate For Kids, Cheerleading, Stand Up Comedy, Songwriting, and several choices of Mommy & Me Classes! There is even a special Debate Club and Debate Team for children. The classes are scheduled throughout the day so children from Eastern to Pacific Time Zones can enjoy them as well.”

We have now seen that when children participate in interactive Zoom classes in the Arts it energizes and excites them for online learning, setting them up for academic success! It may seem counter intuitive, but when children are given the chance to participate in fun and uplifting activities through Zoom, it re-energizes them and opens their minds up to learning the important lessons and topics of school on a similar platform and counters Zoom Fatigue. Fun After School Zoom classes are the perfect way to help your child recharge each day with an activity that they are passionate about and that helps them to connect with others and express themselves in a healthy and creative way. At this time when we cannot socialize face to face, it becomes more important than ever to create opportunities for children to feel normal, to do things that help make them feel happy, provide them with healthy outlets, and to socialize online with other children in a safe, well-structured educational environment. 

The economy has taken a drubbing, and consequently paying for extracurricular classes is seemingly out of reach for many families. But because the online format lends itself to being a more cost-effective modality, Performing Arts Workshops as well as other after school programs can pass the savings on to the public. PAW also offers generous discounts and/or scholarships to help defray the cost of tuition.

Performing Arts Workshops has been providing after school enrichment and summer camp programming the in the Los Angeles area for over 30 years.  You can learn more about Performing Arts Workshop by calling (310) 827-8827 or by visiting

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