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At PAW Camps, Everyone Shines On Stage!

Enjoy a PAW Summer Camp Moment! Enrollment is open now for Summer 2014. Visit  for more info.

Musical Theater Summer Camp PHOTO SHOW!

Hi Moms & Dads, Check out Performing Arts Workshops Musical Theater & Guitar Camps in Action. Space for summer 2014 is limited, register today @ See You At Camp, PAW Staff

KIDS CAN DO IT TOO! Performing Arts Workshops ~ "Phantom of the Opera" 2006

Top Tips For Helping Your Child With Separation Anxiety Or Shyness

Many children experience separation anxiety or shyness when starting a new school, camp, or activity.   Typically, this occurs the first few days and then subsides.   However, for some children it takes a bit longer for them to become comfortable.   Here are a few helpful tips you can use to help your child overcome shyness and separation anxiety. First, establish a positive mindset!   In the days leading up to camp, talk to your child about how much fun they will have. Your goal should be to make camp sound like as much fun as a play date or going to an amusement park. On the first day, arrive early, so you can take your time signing them in, introduce them to the counselors and help show your child the layout of the camp.   By taking the time to help your child familiarize themselves with the camp environs, you help put them at ease.   Show your child where to put their personal belongings.   Stay with your child until he or she finds another child to play with.   You can a