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8 Tips to Help Your Child Have the Best Summer Ever!

Summer is only a few weeks away…Using these 8 simple tips, you will save time, save your sanity and give your child an awesome summer. Sorting out your child’s summer schedule as early as possible is essential for getting the best early bird deals and making sure spots don’t fill up—but it can sometimes be hard to focus your kid’s energy on what they want to do all the way in June!  As a leader in After School Education and Summer Camp Programs, and a contributor to LA Parent Magazine, we offer you our top 8 easy to use tips: 1.       Ask: While you’re in the beginning stages of planning your child’s summer, ask them about their camp experience from the year before. If your child animatedly tells a story about the clay pot they made in arts and crafts, that might indicate they would enjoy a visual arts camp, such as pottery, painting, or photography.  If they rave about the feeling of being on stage for the talent show, maybe they would enjoy a camp that specializes in the pe