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Thank you PAW Parents for your feedback!

At PAW, we always appreciate parent feedback, and this message touched us so deeply that we wanted to share it with you all! If you have a similar story, send us a message or write us a review here on our page!

Top Ten Tips ~ Helping Your Child With Separation Anxiety & Shyness When Starting Summer Camp

Ideas Every Mom & Dad Can Use This Summer! Many children experience separation anxiety or shyness when starting a new summer camp.  The transition from a familiar school to a new setting with all new teachers and kids can be enough to spoil what should be a wonderful and fun summer experience for your child.  Here are a few helpful tips you can use to help your child overcome shyness and separation anxiety. #1  Establish a positive mindset!  In the days leading up to camp, talk to your child about how much fun they will have. Your goal should be to make camp sound like as much fun as a play date or going to an amusement park.  #2  This can be made easier by selecting a camp which offers activities your child is interested in. #3  On the first day, arrive early, so you can take your time signing them in, introduce them to the counselors and help show your child the layout of the camp.  By taking the time to help your child familiarize themselves with the camp enviro


Thy sculptor of innocence.  She, who architects my very soul. Playwright of my world.  Purest diamond. Divine author.  I owe her everything. By Gavin Mosher, 7th Grader Winner Of : Why Mom Deserves A Diamond Contest Wishing All Our  PAW Moms the very best this Mother’s Day.

What Are The Essential Items Parents Should Pack When Sending Their Child To Day Camp?

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time for parents to prepare their children for summer camp.  As a camp director, and winner of a summer camp voted Best In LA, I was asked to provide an answer to the question posed above.  It was published in the May, 2014 issue of the LA Parent Magazine .  I hope parents find this information helpful once again. Question: What Are The Essential Items Parents Should Pack When Sending Their Child To Day Camp? Answer: Most camps have a common core of basics and essentials each child must have and will use over the course of the camp day.  Sunscreen – especially for outdoor camps, but even camps like Performing Arts Workshops, where the primary curriculum is held indoors on a stage, will have times where campers are outside.  Food – enough for a midmorning snack as well as lunch.  Parents need to remember that children will have a better day if their bodies are well fueled.  It is a good idea to make sure the lunch is nonperishable

Introducing Rock the Mic Camp - Presented by Performing Arts Workshops!

For more information about our locations and camp offerings in Southern California, visit . Experience the joys of singing and discover the recording artist in you! Produce a demo CD while learning proper technique, breath control, projection, song interpretation and more!   This camp is open to kids ages 8 - 15 and is for beginning to advanced singers alike. While our students will be schooled on the fundamentals of proper singing technique, the true focus of Rock the Mic Camp will be on the art and science that is voice recording. Students will be immersed in the finer points of the recording artist’s craft as they experience different styles of singing, expand their repertoire, and learn what it truly means to produce a song – developing and enhancing the singer’s natural voice, the cultivation of a “signature” sound, laying down vocal and background tracks, sound mixing, digitally mastering a track and more. Best of all, our campers will record and keep t

How the PAW staff acts when they think no one is looking!

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