Bring In The New Year With A Top Notch Enrichment Plan For Your Child!

School may still be on Zoom,  but the options for FUN & RECHARGING activities are endless! A new year marks a time for setting new goals, kids entering a new school term, and everyone having a fresh start. While last year was very different than most, our new year can still be symbolic of new beginnings. This new year, it is more important than ever to ensure that you and your children are engaging in fun and recharging experiences to keep your spirits up, to spread joy, and to maintain stamina for school on Zoom. It is the perfect time to relax, to recharge, to have fun with the family, to make happy memories with your family, and to sign your children up for online classes in the subject areas that they love and miss, such as the performing arts! Online After School Classes & Enrichment Many extra-curricular activities are not disappearing, they are simply redesigning the way that they provide enrichment services based on our world’s current needs for social distancing

Start The Year Off Right…With Fun, Enriching & Engaging After School Classes On Zoom!

After a long year, 2021 has finally arrived! And, along with it, PAW’s Online Winter After School Term is here! While the school day may be filled with vital, intense core content, PAW (and other reputable after school enrichment providers) is happy to help provide online opportunities in the arts and humanities, which are so crucial to a child having a well-rounded education. “Zoom is the great equalizer because you now have so many choices and that is a wonderful opportunity for children” says Cheryl Appleman, president of Performing Arts Workshops. “For example, some class choices might not be available in your school or your community, but now you have a nation’s-worth of classes to select from. We’re based out of Los Angeles, so we have some of the most finely trained artists and teachers on our faculty. They’re passionate about the subjects they teach, and now they can extend their reach and share their knowledge with students across the country. Do you live in a small town with


By popular demand…we are happy to announce the list of our next session of Online After-School Classes which run from Mid-October to Mid-December!   Performing Arts Workshops’ summer of 2020 showed us that when children participate in interactive Zoom classes in the Arts it energizes and excites them for online learning, setting them up for success! It may seem counter intuitive, but when children are given the chance to participate in fun and uplifting activities through Zoom, it re-energizes them and opens their minds up to learning the important lessons and topics of school on a similar platform and actually counters Zoom Fatigue. Thanks to the requests of our PAW Families for more classes, we are excited to offer an additional session of online after school workshops this Fall and registration is now open to all ! Knowing that our program has helped children become more receptive and comfortable with their academic school studies on the Zoom platform is very rewarding to us. The

PAW is Helping Families, Schools, and Learning Pods now when it’s needed most!

~ After School Enrichment Scholarships & Sibling Specials ~ ~ Learning Pod Group Rates & School Auction Items! ~ For 30 years Performing Arts Workshops has been a proud school contributor and community member.  Now, when schools, PTA’s and families need it most, and inspired by our core mission and commitment, we are stepping up and doing our part. Due to the pandemic and for the safety of our faculty, and your families, our After School Program and Summer Camp have moved Online.   We were amazed to find that the issue of Zoom fatigue in children evaporates when children are enjoying arts and active programming, leaving them feeling connected, happy and motivated. The notes we received from parents telling us that it brought the light back into their children’s eyes touched our hearts. Knowing that has renewed our sense of purpose and we see clearly that these programs are more important to the wellbeing of children than ever before. Below you will find our list of plans to b


Move over Saturday morning cartoons…make way for Saturday morning Zoom! Ah, home on a beautiful Saturday morning – a day of well-deserved rest, a time to revel in the promise of a new day. It’s almost like a scene from a coffee commercial. Of course, if you have children, your morning looks a little different. While you’re still waiting for the caffeine in your giant mug of coffee to kick in, your children are bounding out of bed and rampaging through the house like a Category-5 hurricane. (Why don’t they have this kind of energy on weekday mornings?!) If only you could keep them occupied for a little bit while you do the thousand and one things a parent needs done to keep a household healthy and happy, but something that’s not just parking them in front of the TV to watch “Trolls” for the hundredth time, or just a videogame. The trusty “go-tos” like in-person team sports, classes and activities your children would usually participate in are unavailable due to the pandemic. What is a

Pre-Dinner Stress: After School Clubs to the Rescue

  Making the Most of “Golden Hour” with Online After School Class We’ve all been there. Its early evening. The day is rapidly drawing to a close. You’re working from home, paying bills, folding laundry, figuring out what to do about dinner. The online school day is over, but the kids need some type of worthwhile supervised activity which will free you up to get dinner on the table.  When the sun is settling into an amber glow – or “golden hour”, as it is known in the world of film and photography. If all goes well during golden hour, you can make magic happen. There’s order in the home, the children are fed and bedded down for the night, and you live to fight another day. That would be your day, if only you could keep the kids from bouncing off the walls so you can hear yourself think!   If this is you, online after school programming might be just thing to keep your kids engaged in fun, safe, and enriching activities, while you’re trying to finish work and do the thousand and one


  How Kids Can Learn To Love Zoom       While Zoom was something of a novelty in early 2020, it is now an indispensable tool of learning. Long after the pandemic is over, Zoom and other distance learning technologies will be here to stay. So, say it with me, everyone. Welcome to the Zoom Era. 2020 has foisted drastic change on the world we live in, but it is reassuring to know some things never change – that children are ever-resilient, and educators continue to innovate in the face of adversity. While the pandemic continues to play out and educators are tasked with the enormous challenges of developing strategies to provide schooling safely and effectively, subjects like the arts and humanities (which were already in danger of being cut from school budgets entirely) have had to fall by the wayside. Circumstances being what they are, schools can be forgiven for focusing most of their efforts on their core curriculums. Fortunately, there are many reputable after school enrichmen