PAW's 2019 Fall Camp Story Contest Winners

Thank you to all of our incredible 2019 Fall Camp Story Contest participants who helped make this contest such a success! We loved reading each and every one of your amazing stories about your favorite moments at PAW this summer! Your love for PAW Camps and the arts is inspiring and we are so grateful that you chose to share your special stories with us! 
Congratulations to our 2019 Fall Camp Story Contest Winners!!!
1st Place Winner: Karol, Age 12 2nd Place Runner Up: Delilah, Age 11 3rd Place Runner Up: Amelia, Age 7
And a very special Congratulations to all of our additional Camp Story Contest participants who will be receiving the Red Ribbon Award of $100 OFF of any session of camp that you add to your summer schedule!
The PAW Team will be contacting each participant to issue your Award and Coupon Code!
Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to write about your experiences! In case you missed it, don’t worry! Our 2020 Spring Camp Story Contest will be open from February 1st th…

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Help your child choose the right summer camp singing experience!

PAW explores the difference between Musical Theater and Voice Recording camps!
If a summer camp offers multiple vocal programs, they’ll typically include two varieties: musical theater focused on singing for live staging, and the recording arts focused on voice and technology. Learning to be a musical theater standout and learning to be a recording artist offer two very different perspectives on singing camps.
On a typical day of PAW’s Rock the Mic camp, campers stand in front of a microphone and sound filter, guided by their teacher through the complex runs and beats of a pop hit or the soulful emotion and harmony of a rock ballad, riffing off the styles of the other campers in their duet or trio.On a typical day of PAW’s Musical Theater camp, on the other hand, campers learn how to blend their voices in ensemble songs, project their voice to an audience for their solos, and hold a note while landing dynamic dance moves.
Of course, both camps have the same core curriculum, like any …

Laughter Is the Best Medicine…and PAW’s Camp LOL Enriches Academic Skills, too!

PAW delves into the personal and educational benefits  of a Comedy Camp Curriculum!
The beneficial outcomes of summer camp programs often range from social skill development, to academic and educational improvement, and even to independence and confidence building, however there are often specific enrichment goals in place depending on the type of summer camp program offered. PAW’s Camp LOL thrives on bolstering confidence, promoting identity exploration and self-esteem, and even developing language arts and critical thinking skills that can then be applied to children’s academic lessons and assignments throughout the school year.
Traditionally, comedy camps provide campers the opportunity to work directly with seasoned comedians. It is under their instruction and leadership that children have the opportunity to explore the foundations of comedy as a craft, including the importance of voice, speech, and diction. These communication skills transcend the comedy camp experience when kids…

Happy Presidents’ Day!

PAW would like to wish you a Happy Presidents’ Day!

PAW’s Biannual Camp Story Contest Is Here Once Again!

Get out your pencils and notebooks, find your favorite camp photos ~  It’s time to start preparing your story to enter the Camp Story  Contest for a chance to win free camp!
Every year as the PAW Team gets ready for another exciting season, we love to stop and take a moment to remember and reflect on all of the fun of past seasons of camp!  We also love to celebrate our campers’ special moments and memories and there is no better way to do this than through your own firsthand storytelling! Plus, who doesn’t love a chance at free stuff – especially free PAW Camp! 
The story can be written by a PAW camper, Mom, Dad, or even Grandma & Grandpa, too!Your story can be a page or just a few simple paragraphs that range from funny, inspiring, or sweet, to just plain adorable.

Your story can be…
…Adorable!When the big moment came for us to step out of the big black curtains that concealed us, I admit, I was a little scared. But when I looked to my right, I saw my friends next to me. I knew I w…