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WHAT SHOULD A CHILD TAKE TO CAMP EACH DAY? Recently, I was asked the following question for a magazine article written about summer camps.   Q:    What are the essential items parents should pack when sending a child to day camp?   This is an excellent question because the more prepared for camp a parent has their child, the better the child’s experience will be. A:    Most camps have a common core of basics and essentials each child must have and will use over the course of the camp day.   Sunscreen – especially for outdoor camps, but even camps like Performing Arts Workshops, where the primary curriculum is held indoors on a stage, will have times where campers are outside.   Food – enough for a midmorning snack as well as lunch.   Parents need to remember that children will have a better day if their bodies are well fueled.   It is a good idea to make sure the lunch is nonperishable or the lunch box has its own source of cooling, such as reusable ice packs.   Mo
All kids should have the chance to go to camp!  It is a proven fact that how a child spends their summer has a direct correlation to positive academic success. Performing Arts Workshops is pleased to announce that 100 Summer Camp Scholarships are now available!  See below for details how to receive a scholarship for your family. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 100 CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE FOR CHILDREN THIS SUMMER ~ For the 5 TH YEAR! ~   Performing Arts Workshops , VOTED 2010’s BEST SUMMER CAMP in LA PARENT MAGAZINE, is pleased to announce that through a generous donation, twenty scholarships at each of our Summer Camp locations are now available.   These special scholarships have been made available for us to give as a matching fund.   Our donor, whose wish is to help local children experience the arts this summer, will sponsor half the tuition for up to 20 children at each camp site.   Each matching scholarship provides

PAW's 1st blog!

~ Announcement ~ Performing Arts Workshops now has a new Summer Camps & Kids blog.  Our blog provides parents and kids with information on how the "Arts" can enhance a child's life and where to find these opportunities. Thanks for stopping by our Blog, PAW